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Kids Can Quilt
Part 3

Lesson 6       Quilting the Layers
1. Using the running stitch. Have students quilt around the outside of their quilt, sewing approximately ¼” from the outside edge.  We knot the thread and leave the knots on the back of the quilt.
2.  Once they have quilted around the outside of the quilt, we have them quilt along the top and bottom border, sewing on the white background fabric.  If there is time, we have them quilt around their house and tree.

3. Yes the pins hurt. Have students remove pins as they sew up to them.  Removed pins should go in their Ziploc bags.

4.  Sew on a button.  Add embroidery if desired.

After school or with Parent assistance:
1. Press completed quilts. 
2. Trim the outside of the quilts if needed using a rotary cutter, mat and ruler.
3. Sew a wooden dowel to the back of the quilt for hanging.

Wrapping the Quilts:
We have students decorate a brown 11 1/2” x 14 1/2” envelope and slip the finished quilt inside.

The Quilting Fairies:
You will have students who struggle and fall behind in their quilting.  We have these students do less quilting (ie just around the outside of their quilt) and make sure they have the extra support they need.  If they continue to lag, the quilting fairies come in the night and catch students up.  The goal is to have students do as much of the quilting as possible.


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Pieceful Pieces (poetry)          Anne G Hines
Pieces:  A Year in Poems          Anne G Hines
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The Quiltmaker’s Gift             Jeff Brumbeau


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